The SonoSim® Ultrasound Training Solution

The Easiest Way to Learn Ultrasonography®

The SonoSim® Ultrasound Training Solution is the most comprehensive yet easy-to-use ultrasound training solution available. The laptop computer-based platform provides you the freedom to learn anytime-anywhere. The SonoSim® Ultrasound Training Solution provides extensive didactic teaching, hands-on training, and knowledge assessment on a variety of topics.

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Introducing SonoSim LiveScan®

SonoSim LiveScan® is a first of its kind product that brings never-before-seen realism to ultrasound training by instantly transforming live volunteers and mannequins into ultrasound training cases with real pathologic conditions. Combined with the SonoSim® Ultrasound Training Solution, which integrates didactic content and knowledge assessment, SonoSim LiveScan® provides an unparalleled training experience that makes anytime-anywhere bedside ultrasound simulation possible.

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Learn ultrasound-guided procedures and diagnostic bedside ultrasound.

The Largest Collection of Hands-On
Training Cases in the World.

Each SonoSim® Module delivers expertly crafted hands-on training cases, didactic instruction from leading educators, and detailed knowledge assessment. Earn CME credit by successfully completing designated modules.

New Training Cases Added Regularly.

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